Annual Report 2017

Key Events in 2017




Obuv Rossii placed the fourth issue of exchange-traded bonds for 1 billion rubles.

Obuvrus LLC that is a member of Obuv Rossii Group placed 5-year exchange-traded bonds of series БО-07 (identification number 4B02-07-16005-R of 21 March 2016) with the amount of 1 billion rubles. This is the fourth issue of bonds of the company in 2.5 years. The placement was at the Moscow Exchange by public subscription. PAO AKB Svyaz Bank was the organizer and technical underwriter of the deal. The raised money was sent to finance the current activity of the Group and to implement the program of production development.


Obuv Rossii Group became a diploma winner of IT Awards in the nomination of “IT Project in the Real Sector”.

Obuv Rossii Group won a diploma in the nomination of “IT Project in the Real Sector” for the launching of a regional data processing centre in Khabarovsk in 2016.

Obuv Rossii Group combined the assembly on the production site in Berdsk.

Obuv Rossii Group reconstructed the assembly shop and combined the assembly of footwear, that is produced with the cement welt-sewing method and with the technology of hightemperature vulcanization of rubber to the upper, on one site in Berdsk. For that purpose, the company transported the conveyor line of footwear assembly with the cement method of sole attachment from the rented premises in Novosibirsk to its own premises in Berdsk. Combining the shops, the company optimized the technological process, which will allow it to perform all the works more quickly and with lesser labour efforts.

Obuv Rossii Group launched the pilot sales of rubber footwear under the brand of all.go.

The model line is presented with the footwear with coloured soles, with bright laces, floral prints and made of matte rubber. The pilot sales of the new line started two weeks ago, in some regions the percent of realization is 80% already.


Obuv Rossii Group won the prestigious prize of PRIVATE LABEL AWARDS 2017.

Obuv Rossii won in the nomination of “The Best Private Label in Your Segment: Clothes, Footwear” (the Snow Guard brand), as well as it became a Degree 2 Laureate in the nominations of “The Best Private Label Online” and “Wide Assortment of the Private Label”.

Obuv Rossii Group concluded a contract with Sberbank for the production of footwear for the cash-in-transit and security service.

The contract is for three years and implies the production of more than 80 thousand pairs of footwear for the services of cash-in-transit and security of the bank. Obuv Rossii developed a separate assortment of footwear based on technical characteristics provided by the Bank. The first batch was supplied to the financial organization in June. The company considers the direction of corporate footwear promising and will further develop it, cooperating with the enterprises of food production and other industries.


Obuv Rossii declared a new franchising program and opened nearly 40 partner stores by the end of the first half of the year.

The expansion geography are towns and small inhabited localities all over Russia, both in the regions of presence of Obuv Rossii, and in the regions where Obuv Rossii is not represented yet, for example, the North Caucasian Federal District.

Obuv Rossii launched online payment of instalment contracts and cash loans.

The pilot project of payments via the services of Sberbank PAO started to operate in Novosibirsk, including the payment via the Internet service of Sberbank Online. By the end of June, the service was available in all the regions where the chain of Obuv Rossii is present. In December 2017, the share of online payments under the projects of instalment payment and financial loans in Obuv Rossii reached nearly 3%.


Obuv Rossii placed 3-year exchange-traded bonds for 1.5 billion rubles and became the first issuer in the Growth Sector of the Moscow Exchange.

Obuvrus LLC that is a member of Obuv Rossii Group placed 3-year exchange-traded bonds of series БО-01 (identification number 4B02-01-16005-R) for 1.5 billion rubles at the Moscow Exchange. BCS Global Markets was the organizer of placement, GLOBEXBANK JSC was the co-organizer.


Obuv Rossii started to produce more than 20 new models footwear made of EVA, including fully moulded high boots.

Obuv Rossii has substantially expanded the assortment of footwear made of superlight EVA material that is produced at the factory in Novosibirsk, since the beginning of 2017. The footwear was produced with the new technologies and materials: the production of boots with galoshes made of EVA and fully moulded boots, the combination of EVA and textile materials.


Director of Obuv Group Anton Titov made the TOP 250 top managers in the rating of the Association of Managers and the Kommersant Publishing House.

General Director of Obuv Rossii Anton Titov was on the list of the TOP 250 top managers, that is a part of the annual rating of “Top 1000 Russian Managers” prepared by the Association of Managers of Russia and the Kommersant Publishing House.

Obuv Rossii started to develop the new assortment of clothes.

In the autumn-winter season of 2017/18, Obuv Rossii Group made the assortment of the mid-layer clothes (cardigans, jumpers, polo necks) 5 times wider. The percent of realization for a number of commodity items was 80% within the first month of sales.


Obuv Rossii held an IPO.

Obuv Rossii Group held an IPO at the Moscow Exchange. The price of the initial public offering of shares was established at the level of 140 rubles per share. The total amount of the raised money was 5.9 billion rubles. Obuv Rossii became the first company on the Russian fashion market that held an IPO.

RUB 140





The rating agency of RAEX (Expert RA) improved the credit rating of Obuv Rossii Group to ruBВB+. The rating forecast is stable.

Prior to the credit rating increase, the Company was rated at the level of ruBBB with a stable forecast.

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